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What do you recommend for treating:

How long do Clean Pond Pods take to work?

Due to the gentle and natural way Clean Pond Pods work within the pond ecosystem, results will be most effective when used over a consistent period of time and are not an 'overnight' solution.

Blanketweed reduction should become apparent within a month of starting treatment. For long-term effectiveness, usage should begin when water temperatures reach 10°C – around April in the UK - and continued monthly until daily temperatures drop below 10°C. This dosing schedule will maintain a clean and healthy pond and reduce filter maintenance throughout the pond season.

Can I put Clean Pond Pods directly into my filter?
Is it safe for pets and wildlife to drink from my pond if I use the Pods?
EXTRACT OF BARLEY STRAW - why is it not working?

Extract of Barley Straw is a natural product and will not work as quickly as a chemical.  As all pond environments are unique, there are also some instances when the natural approach may not be an appropriate one.  Sometimes, it is a question of using an alternative product initially, and then continuing with Extract of Barley Straw, once the problem is under control.

BIO START - is it harmful to pond plants?
CLEAR POND - why is this treatment not working?
DUCKWEED BUSTER - why is it not killing my duckweed?
BLANKET WEED BUSTER - how long does it take to clear algae?
FRESH START - how long do I have to wait before adding the fish?
GREEN AWAY - why has my water turned red/brown colour after using this?
GREEN AWAY - why is there no difference to my pond after I have used this?
SLUDGE BUSTER - how often can it be used?
POND BALANCE - why has my pond has gone milky after using this?
POND BALANCE - can I use a larger dose or more often?
POND BALANCE - what size is the spoon in the pack?
BRILLIANT POND TABLETS - Are they safe for wildlife?
BRILLIANT POND TABLETS - Can I break it and just use half?

Using Blagdon treatments

I have overdosed my pond, what do I do?

We advise that you conduct the following:

  • Water change of 20-30% if possible
  • Add extra oxygenation if fish look like they are struggling for air/gasping
  • Remove chlorine from tap water with Fresh Start or Wildlife Pond Tapsafe
  • Add activated carbon to remove excess treatment
Should I leave my UV light on during treatment?
Why do you recommend to remove the carbon from my filter when treating with medication?
Will the treatment harm wildlife or pets that drink from my pond?
Can I just change the treatment I am using?
I have used a pond fish medication, but the problem has not cleared up, can I re-dose?
Can I use 2 pond fish medications at the same time?
Please can I have a list of ingredients?
My fish are gasping since I added a medication to the pond - what should I do?
Can I use treatments in cold weather/in the winter?
Does the medication need to be kept in the fridge?