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Liberty Mains Free Features FAQs


Liberty General

Is there another way to power my feature?

Liberty Features are run from a rechargeable Lithium battery and charger. You can also add the Solar Panel Upgrade to ‘run and recharge’ the feature using the sun’s energy. The third option is to run the feature from the mains power, if preferred. Although the features have been designed for convenient, mains-free use, you can run them from mains.

Can I run the feature continuously?
Do I need an outdoor water supply?
What do I do in winter?
Can I put a Liberty Feature indoors?
Can I get spares/replacements?
How do I clean my feature?


Are Liberty lithium batteries safe?

Yes. Liberty lithium batteries are designed with safety in mind. They include several built-in features to ensure safety during charging periods. 

How long will the battery last?
Where is the battery located?
How do I charge the battery?

Solar Panel

How do I add the Solar Panel upgrade?

The Solar Panel can very easily be added to your feature. The Solar Panel cable plugs into the power-in port on the battery.

See the ‘how to’ video for adding the solar panel.

Where should I position the Solar Panel?

Pump and Lights

How do the lights work?

The LED lights that come with many of the features run continuously while the feature is running. They are connected to the battery, as per the pump, so whilst the feature is on, the lights will be on as well.

Can I switch the lights off?
After cleaning, the pump won't come back on, what is wrong?

Cedar Pools

My Cedar Pool wood is seeping a sticky resin, what is this?

These features were specifically designed with Cedar wood due to its natural high resin content which prevents rotting. Unlike pine, Cedar is very tolerant of wet conditions, making it ideal for a water feature. Occasionally, in hot weather, the thick, protective resin may come to the surface of the wood. 

Why is my Natural Wooden Pool losing a lot of water?
Can I paint my Natural Wooden Pool?
Can I keep fish in the Natural Wooden Pools?