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Affinity Pools FAQs


Seasonal Care

What do I do with my Inpond during winter?

We would advise that the Inpond can be run during the winter, however care should be taken to make sure it is fully immersed and cannot freeze solid.  If you do not wish to keep the unit running during the winter, please follow the annual maintenance procedure in the instruction booklet and store frost free in the house or garage until spring.

Won’t the water get too hot in the summer?
Will the Affinity Pool survive the winter?


How do I clean the bottom of my Affinity Pool?

Agitate the water in your pond and use a very fine net and sweep the water, if you do not have a fine net, we would then recommend filling the net up with polymer wool.

How do I clean the pool?
What are the windows made of, and how do I clean them?
I have lime scale on my Affinity windows what can I do?

Affinity General 

I need a cover net for my Affinity Pool, do you sell them?

We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately we do not sell a specific cover for the Affinity pools. We recommend that a pond net is placed over the top of the Affinity, pulled tightly, then either knotted weighed down or use bull dog clips. See our You Tube channel for a useful How To make your own cover for your pool

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Will Affinity attract wildlife into my garden?
Is it safe to have strongly rooted plants, like Waterlilies, in my Affinity
Where can I put an Affinity Living Feature Pool?
What do I need to do to prepare the area for my Affinity?
What tools will I need?
How long does it take to build?
How long will it take to fill with water?
What do I do if the liner gets damaged?
I am struggling to get all the corner screws in my Rattan Half Moon, what shall I do?