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Liberty 5w Solar Panel

Adding the Solar Panel Upgrade to your Liberty feature allows you to harness the power of the sun to run your feature.

The unique run and recharge technology, along with the Lithium battery, means that, in good sunlight the feature should run continuously for many days, or even weeks without having to be charged indoors.
To purchase this item, please visit your local aquatics retailer or Pumps and Spares online

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Key features

• High power, eco solar panel
• Runs the feature whilst also charging the battery
• Fast transfer of energy from solar to charge the battery
• Continuous battery charging, even when on stand-by

Product overview

The Liberty Solar Panel upgrade is designed as an additional power source for the battery-run feature or pond pump. Adding the panel not only runs the feature/pump but due to its high power absorption, and the lithium battery’s ability to take in a quick charge, it also charges the battery whilst running the feature.