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Clean Pond Pods - 12 pack

Quick and easy, 5-in-1 water treatment to tackle the most common pond problems.

Effective against blanketweed/string algae, consumes sludge, makes tap water safe and feeds aquatic plants. Also available in packs of: 6 or 24

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The best bits...

Easy to use, 5-in-1

Contains no harmful chemicals

Reduces pond/filter maintenance

Key features

• All in one treatment • Reduces pond/filter cleaning and maintenance • Pet and wildlife safe • Beneficial to filter bacteria • Encourages plant growth and flowering • Perfectly paired with Clean Pond Machine Filter • Can be used in other filters and directly into the pond • Suitable for use in all ponds: planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi and other fish ponds • Harmless to filters, plants and wildlife

Product overview

Blagdon Clean Pond Pods are an easy-to-use solution for some of the most common and frustrating pond problems. This unique formulation is made using Blagdons 50+ years of experience manufacturing pond treatments. With this, we have answered the age-old problems that pond-keepers face, in just one product. Issues such as: Filter maintenance, Blanketweed, Pond sludge, using tap water and the struggle to see pond plants thrive are all addressed head-on. The soluble pouches harmlessly dissolve, releasing the gentle active ingredients, getting straight to work to clean and clear your pond. Use Clean Pond Pods in conjunction with Clean Pond Machine Filter for exceptional results. However, Clean Pond Pods are also suitable for direct to pond use and with other filter systems. Due to the gentle and natural way Clean Pond Pods work within the pond ecosystem, results will be most effective when used over a consistent period of time and are not an overnight solution. Blanketweed reduction should become apparent within a month of starting treatment. For long-term effectiveness, usage should begin when temperatures reach 10°C around April in the UK - and continued monthly until daily temperatures drop below 10°C. This dosing schedule will maintain a clean and healthy pond and reduce filter maintenance throughout the pond season. Please see our Dosage Calculator for your exact dosing requirements.