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Affinity Grand Corner Pool (Inpond 5-in-1 3000 UVC included)

A new shape to the Affinity range has landed! Enjoy the sight and sound of moving water and aquatic life, day and night all year round.

Stylish and unique raised living water feature pool introducing a fresh dimension to any garden, patio or deck.

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The best bits...

Easy to set up and maintain - comes complete with Inpond 5-in-1 life support system.

Unique viewing windows

Stunning LED night illumination

Key features

• Complete, easy-to-use Inpond 5-in-1 3000 u0091life support systemu0092 included worth u00a3129.99 (SSP) included - no additional purchase required • Clear water guaranteed • Easy to set up and maintain - no digging required • Automatic night-time LED spotlight • Planting basket • Three year guarantee • Super strong, fiber reinforced liner • Three shatterproof viewing windows

Product overview

If the thought of sitting in the summer sun against a backdrop of flowing water, the buzz of dragon flies and watching fish peacefully swim through dappled water appeals to you, achieving this dream has suddenly become a great deal easier. New to the Affinity Living Feature Pools range, the Affinity Corner in three sizes to suit all gardens and tastes. Convenient corner shapes mean it is easy to position against a wall or fence. All pools are a complete kit, including the Inpond life support system with fountain fittings and LED light. This model comes with waterfall fittings, should you wish to add the waterfall upgrade. Affinity Grand is the largest in the range at a generous 680 litres, perfect for fish and plants, including waterlilies. Nestled in an empty corner, this pool will bring life and colour to your garden and brighten up your day.